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About M. Romero Builders LLC

Since 1993, Michael Romero began building homes with his uncle, Rodolfo Romero. Starting at the bottom of the ladder, his first duties were to keep the building area clean, neat and supplied. After a short amount of time, Michael became part of the framing crew and learned the art of creating a high quality structure upon which everything else for the home would depend on for strength.


As the years passed and with experience and knowledge, it was noted that he not only possessed great buildings skills but project management talent as well.  After being project manager for years, Michael began M. Romero Builders LLC with the goal of providing quality, style and integrity for every person who owns an M. Romero home.


Today, M. Romero Builders LLC works across Houston using his years of experience to create both custom homes as well as small enclaves of distinct homes bringing quality and service to neighborhoods everywhere.  

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Our Process

Experience is the basis of our process. With decades of knowledge and hundreds of builds, we know that you start with great plans then select great materials and then invest the personal time to make sure that each step of the way things are done right. It is a simple process that takes true discipline to follow. What it means to you is that own a well built, well designed home.

Architectural plans

Great Design Is The Start

It starts with great design. Every plan is developed by M Romero Builders as a unique plan for you. When you work to make something special at the very beginning and follow that path of quality to the end of a project, it shows.

A man cutting a wooden plate with a saw

Standing Behind Our Work

Every M Romero Home comes with a 1-2-10 warranty. One year is basically bumper to bumper coverage. 2 years covers most major systems in the home rounded out by a 10 year structural warranty.

Better Materials, Better Build

Great design is followed by great materials and finishes. Using materials that are better than they have to be and better than most other builders, means better fit, finish and quality upon completion.

A constructor, a woman and a man looking at architectural plans

The Finishing


There is nothing quite like actually meeting the builder who has crafted your home. When you purchase a home with M Romero, the owner will personally walk you through the home to show you the ins and outs as well as point out all the special features that many homes do not have.

A wood and white kitchen

Committed To Quality And Integrity.

Tell Us About Your Home Project Today.

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